Presidents Message

I am honored and privileged to have been selected as the President for the Montgomery-Bucks Dental Society and I am looking forward to a wonderful year!

Throughout this year, exciting, new events have been scheduled and geared to our membership. On September 10th at the Elmwood Park Zoo, there will be an event for new dentists and their families. Lunch and activities will be available for all ages! Many excellent CE courses and dinner meetings have been planned, covering a variety of current dental topics and management advice. I hope you are able to join us!

There have been a few changes to our Executive Committee for our 2017-2018 year. Dr. Eugene Katz and Dr. Jerry Axler have retired from our board after many years of service. They have my thanks for their dedication and for being true ambassadors for MBDS! A warm welcome to our new Executive Committee members, Drs. Amy Ford, Matthew Garbin, Tyler von Berge, Danielle Teitelman, and Jessie Scourdamaglia. I look forward to working with you and appreciate your willingness to be part of our society! If anyone is interested in volunteering for a MBDS committee, do not hesitate to contact me!

As some of you may know, this year marks the 90th anniversary of the society, celebrating almost a century of organized dentistry within our community. Look how much we have grown! When MBDS was first created in 1928, there were less than thirty members and the dues were only $11! Now, with 824 members, MBDS is thriving, still living out our mission to improve dental healthcare and serve the needs of our patients to the greatest of our abilities. The first monthly newsletter started in 1954, which evolved to the Montgomery-Bucks Bulletin in 1956. Our current Bulletin has become a sophisticated document even in color! And, believe it or not, smoking was permitted at Montgomery-Bucks meetings until 1973 when it was formally banned. There will be more facts to follow as well as details for the 90th Anniversary Celebration being planned for the Fall!

Many thanks to Dr. Steve Moriconi for his leadership this past year, keeping Montgomery-Bucks a successful organization. With your help, this next year will continue the tradition of excellence for our society.

I wish you all a summer filled with time for relaxation and wonderful moments with family and friends! Remember to include MBDS sponsored courses and events in your upcoming plans!!


Angel Stout